Drop Off & Pickup

All cars entering the Langston campus in the morning should enter from our Bell Road entrance.  Please don not block Bell Road or Woodruff Road.  When exiting, if you need to turn left on Woodruff Road, please exit via Bell Road.  Right turns only can exit via Woodruff Road.

Dismissal Information

While our primary concern is for the safe dismissal of our students, we must also be considerate of our neighbors. Blocking Bell Road at our entrance creates gridlock for the neighborhoods, the grocery store, apartments and nursing home. Emergency vehicles are often called to the nursing home, so Bell Road MUST remain open.  If our driveway is full, please keep moving and come back later. This may be necessary, especially at the beginning of the school year, as everyone settles into their new routine.

For afternoon pickup, we have 2 options, wave dismissals and carline: 

Wave Dismissals

For those who can arrive on campus at a designated time, you should pick up in a wave in front of the gym.  We dismiss in 3 waves which are time specific.  Parents will select the time that works best in their schedule and communicate that wave number to their student. At the appropriate time, our staff will call the wave number and students will proceed to the gym steps. The waves allow quick entry and exit from our campus via Woodruff Road.

  • Wave 1 is reserved for carpools with 3 or more students.
  • Please sign up for ONLY one wave. Please inform your student which selection you make.  
  • If you are in a carpool, only 1 member of the carpool should sign up.  When signing up, you are indicating 1 carpool, not how many students are in your carpool.
  • All drivers in a carpool must use the same wave.
  • All cars in the waves must ENTER AND EXIT from Woodruff Road. No left turns on Woodruff Road.


If picking up in the carline, please enter campus from Bell Road. Only the number of cars that can fit in our driveway will be allowed to line up. If our driveway is full when you arrive, you CAN NOT BLOCK BELL ROAD OR WOODRUFF ROAD. You must continue past our entrance and return when the line allows you to turn into our driveway.

Car Line Number on Windshield